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What's inside?

Phew! Petite Street is a busy little place.

There is so much to do and so much fun to have. 

Within our purpose-built indoor play centre, children can safely explore different roles within different areas, either on their own, with friends or with you! 

We are BIG on inspiring imagination and have created spaces for realistic roleplay opportunities, with props and toys to enhance the make-believe.  


Have a look at what's inside…


In our beauty salon, children can pretend to be hairdressers, nail technicians, clients and anything in between. This area is great for creating the opportunity to engage with others, practice fine motor skills and increase interactive, imaginative play.



Our cafe is always full of delicious cakes and snacks… But word on the street is that we are in need of a new barista or two! Know anyone that could help? This space is perfect for shape-spotting, counting, and sharing.


Caring for animals is the top priority here, so if your little has a cuddly that needs attention, this is the place to go. We’re also on the lookout for a receptionist and new veterinary surgeon, enquire within - the white coats and desk are ready and waiting. 
This is a perfect area to enhance nurturing skills.


Medical Centre

Does your little have what it takes to be Petite Street’s new doc on the block? Here children develop their caring skills, while learning about illness, healing and recovery. The receptionist role is important too, they can use their fine motor skills while signing patients in and keeping the surgery in order!


This little store is the best place to get all of your groceries… but they’re often short-staffed so your little one might well be recruited to join the team while on a trip to purchase the essentials. This area is ideal for team working, number skills and ordering.


Post Office

Whether it’s to post a letter, work behind the counter, or become Petite Street’s new post person, there is always something interesting going on inside our post office for littles. This area creates opportunities for fine motor development, sorting skills, and interaction.

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