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Benefits of play

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be  to know and understand.” - Albert Einstein

Here at Petite Street, our focus is FUN! And the added bonus is that your little will be learning the entire time - without even realising it! 


Benefits of role play in the early years is endless, but we’ve put together a couple of examples: 


It enhances their communication skills and encourages creative imagination. Acting out imagined events helps children to recognise real-life situations, and gain a deeper understanding of how we communicate, and respond to different scenarios. 


It increases confidence. Through interacting with other children, and using the props and costumes to become different characters, children visiting Petite street learn that it’s fun to step out of comfort zones, to try something new and be silly in a safe environment. This is a space where they can express themselves and encounter real-life on a mini scale

It fosters emotional development, compassion and understanding. Taking on new roles teaches children about different perspectives and understanding the importance of empathy. They learn to sympathise in our GP and Veterinary surgeries, and they will create and experiment with different social situations in the beauty salon and the supermarket. They will also develop their interaction skills when team working and collaborating


It improves language skills. Role play helps littles to understand the power of language and how to use phrases and terminology in the correct way, by listening to others and interacting verbally. This is a great chance for children to learn from others as they see how words or phrases are used in different settings - while becoming confident communicators themselves


It develops cognitive thinking. Through problem solving, decision making, rationalising and ordering props or toys, children visiting Petite Street will unknowingly be improving their cognitive thinking and thought processing skills. Thinking outside of the box enhances their experience, and comes naturally, as they explore different scenarios and come up against mental challenges that they might not yet have witnessed


It aids in physical development. Whether they are practising fine motor skills in the beauty salon or moving larger props in the supermarket, littles visiting Petite Street will naturally be enhancing their physical development, while playing, and engaging their imagination 


So, as you can see, the benefits of role play goes beyond simply having fun. 


You can guiltlessly visit us on a rainy day, or a day in which parenting has thoroughly exhausted you - and you just need a break - safe in the knowledge that your child is learning, developing, expanding their horizons, having fun, and wearing themselves out! 

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