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Rules of play

We want your visit to be as lovely as possible. To ensure this, we have put together some rules to keep our visitors and staff safe, happy, and fun-focussed!

Health and Safety


All children should be supervised by a responsible adult, over the age of 18, at all times

Petite Street props and toys vary in size, so children under the age of 3, or children likely to put objects into their mouths, must be more directly supervised 


Adults NOT accompanying children will not be permitted access

Shoes are not permitted within the play area - this is so we can keep our venue as clean as possible for you and other guests. Socks or tights must always be worn by both adults and children

Food and drink cannot be taken into any of the play areas and must only be consumed within the designated cafe space

Only food and drink purchased from Petite Street may be consumed on the premises with an exception to weaning babies and children with special dietary requirements

All accidents must be reported to a member of staff - though we endeavour to make Petite Street as safe as possible, accidents can happen. By logging accidents as they occur we can prevent them from happening again, and we can be on hand to offer any required first aid. 

Petite Street does not accept responsibility for accidents or injuries incurred through the improper use of equipment or the venue itself, or through disregarding our rules of play 

Please report any broken equipment to a member of staff immediately so we can dispose of it and organise replacement 

Children who have suffered vomiting and diarrhoea in the 48 hours prior to the session beginning must not attend

Smoking and e-cigarettes are strictly prohibited 

Bullying or abusive behaviour towards staff or visitors will not be tolerated and any person conducting themselves in such a manner will be asked to leave immediately - no refunds will be given

Our rule to play kind and stay safe must be adhered to by all visitors, including children - any behaviour contrary to this will not be tolerated

Sessions and Booking

There will be three session times available to book each day. These time slots are as follows:

9:30 - 11:00

11:15 - 12:45

1:00 - 2:30

Tickets are non-refundable. However, if you would like to change a booking, you can contact us 24 hours before your booking, and we will do our best to arrange a new time slot. (Non-attendance will result in the complete loss of your right to rearrange)

We thoroughly clean and reset each area before each session, because of this, admittance will not be allowed earlier than your designated time slot

We encourage responsibility here at Petite Street, and the last ten minutes of each session is dedicated to tidy-up time. We invite all guests to help and usually the children find it fun - helping to find the right place for things! 

Due to our dedication in creating the same excellent level of cleanliness and play opportunity time and time again, we ask that session times are respected when your session comes to an end - we want to ensure everything is perfect for each and every visit, each and every time 

All children and adults visiting must have a paid ticket for their session

Pre-booked ticket holders are given priority entry

Petite Street may, in the future, revise and update ticket prices


In the unlikely event of severe weather affecting our ability to open, we will offer the option of a ticket transfer for another day, or full refund


On rare occasions, for reasons beyond our control, we may have to adjust our opening times. In instances like this, we will make every effort to communicate these changes through social media and our website

Visitors who attend after the start time of the session will be allowed access, but will have to end their session at the session end time 

Petite Street reserves the right to close if it is deemed necessary to keep staff and visitors safe 

Safeguarding and Security 

While we love that our venue creates the opportunity to capture lovely photos of your littles, we ask that you only take photos of your own children 

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